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I believe therapy is for everyone. 

I believe healing is for everyone.

More than anything, I don’t believe that there is anything wrong with you, rather I believe that you are having appropriate reactions to what your life has been.  I believe you are doing the best you can.  And I believe that you can experience less pain and greater connection to yourself and others.  I believe I can help. 


  • 50 minute session - $130 

  • 75 minute session- $185 

  • 100 minute session- $240 

About Therapy



What kinds of clients do I see?






I see humans in almost any configuration.  Bring your best friend, your mom, your roommate or your spouse.  It's your hour and I welcome what you want to do with it. 




autism /neurodiversity


Third Culture People

Sex / Poly Positive







I have a Master’s Degree in The Art of Counseling from The Seattle School - a small psychoanalytic institution in Belltown - and a Bachelor’s Degree in Multicultural Communication. 

I am a member of the NW Alliance for Psychoanalytic Study.

I am committed to providing effective treatment to individuals and families regardless of race, ethnicity, spiritual/religious identification, gender identity, age or sexual orientation. 


Financial Investment. 

I currently do not bill insurance directly.   If you have out-of-network benefits available, I’m happy to provide a invoice or billing statement that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.  

Please make sure to have a conversation with your insurance provider to confirm the nature of your benefits so there are no suprises.

The fee is due at the beginning of each session, unless an alternate payment plan has been agreed upon.  The fee can be paid via check, cash or card.

  • 50 min session - $130 

  • 75 min session- $185 

  • 100 min session- $240 

I offer a limited number of reduced fee slots based on need.  We can discuss this option, if desired, during our initial contact.


Philosophy and Approach

My hope is that by you and I working together, you will receive the space to speak your story out loud and feel less alone. 

I work to create a non-judgmental, honest, steady and kind space for us to explore your life together.  I believe it is my job to follow your lead in regards to timing, subject matter and intensity.  My ultimate goal is for healing for your most authentic self as you experience being grounded in love and compassion for yourself. 

There are a lot of fancy words used to explain how I work.  For example, I am a psychodynamic, narrative, relational therapist because I believe that the families that we grew up in continue to influence our identity today.  I’m a somatic, sensory therapist because I know the physical part of you is impacted by what’s going on emotionally. I am a strength based therapist and a photo therapist and a family systems therapist and, and and....  Together we can decide what therapeutic interventions work best for you.    

I believe in working quickly to relieve symptoms that are showing up in your life but I also believe ardently in looking at the history and manifestation of those symptoms.  Wondering about where they came from and what purpose they serve together.  I place a high value on self-kindness and self-care so my bias will always to help you be a little more patient and kind to yourself especially if you feel you don’t deserve it.  

I’m also cis, white, bisexual, third culture woman with a sensory processing disorder.  I’m a mother, a wife, and an intersectional feminist. All of these elements will be reflected in my work – but the biggest test will be what you feel when you enter my office.


Schedule a Free Consultation

If you are wondering if we might be a good fit but you aren't ready to make an appointment, you are welcome to schedule a free 20 minute phone consult to see how we move together before we take the in-person jump.

Please feel free to fill out contact form below

or email LeannabreCounseling@gmail.com

or phone or text  (253) 260-5404 for this service.

Please be aware that I am terrible at returning email and if you don't hear from me in a timely manner it is not you, it's me.  

My office is located at 620 SW 149th St. Suite D, in Burien. There is plenty of free parking in the lot located in front of the office.

Leanna Ramsey Counseling

My name is Leanna and I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (#LH60704310 ) in South Seattle, Washington

I am passionate about getting to be my most messy and gorgeous self, reading graphic novels and exploring Seattle Parks with my handsome husband and 6 year old kid.

More than anything, I believe you are the expert on YOU and I'm here with my expertise in health and healing to partner with you as we learn together.

I enjoy working with families, couples and people of all ages. It is my goal that every client feels valued and listened too.



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